I started the year decorating my home office & family room

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Time flies, it’s already the middle of January! This year has been action-packed from the start, and I’m not the only one who’s had a load of things to do. All the great bloggers I follow, as well as my friends and colleagues, have said that these days have been busy ones. I hope this flow continues and we all get the results we want, especially me. As a blogger newbie, I know I have to work hard and learn through experience in order to achieve my goals. And I’m getting there!

Last year my husband and I remodeled an apartment and made it our home. I was quite pleased with the quick process and the results. Except for our bedroom and the two bathrooms, all areas are integrated. We opened the kitchen and the second bedroom, which serves as our family room and home office. We already had most of the furniture and art, so the decor was easy, but the truth is you never really finish decorating your home. What I like most about this second room is that it has the essentials. My friend, designer and architect Queca visualized and designed exactly what was on my mind regarding the desk and library, which I wanted all white and combined as one piece of furniture. What I like about it is that it covers only half of the two walls, leaving the other half as a blank space for hanging a TV or art.

When we moved in, we already had the sofa bed and the rug. We also had many books   –since we both love to read–, which we immediately arranged on the shelves, both vertically and horizontally. However, I feel the room needs more things, such as a coffee table, pillows and other details. So I decided to take advantage of some sales and bought a few things. I’ll post photos when everything gets home; for now, take a look at my picks!




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