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I really love to have my nails well manicured and I especially like them painted red. That’s why I’m constantly looking for polishes that will last at least one week without chipping. In my years of experience, I found that the best drugstore brand was Essie: long-lasting and reliable. However, I usually had to retouch my nails after only two days. Sometimes I used the same brand’s top coat: “no chips ahead”, and the results were quite favorable.

Given the not-so-excellent outcomes in the past, I continued my research. Some months ago I tried Ciaté by Olivia Palermo. I loved the brush, which is especially designed to cover the entire nail with just one stroke. If you use the base and the top coat, the manicure lasts from 5 to 6 days without chips–provided you use gloves for cleaning and for all other house chores-. I really loved it and the red is gorgeous! Last December I was buying last-minute gifts at Sephora and I bumped into this: Formula X, Clix! The System to Go kit. I reviewed the product specifications and decided to give it a try. The case had four bottles and only cost $16, which is a little more than only one bottle of Essie nail polish. So, I went for it and it turned out to be a great investment. The portable kit is small and fits perfectly into my makeup bag, so I can take it along when I travel or if I want my manicure done at the salon. It features a nail cleanser, a base coat, a top coat and a nail color. The products don’t dry as quickly as claimed, but they don’t take too long either. So far, I’ve had my manicure done twice with Formula X, and it’s by far the best brand among the ones I’ve tried. My nails look flawless, they’re shiny all week long and there are no chips, regardless of what you do. Moreover, when I started using this line, my nails were somewhat damaged and now they’re completely healthy. I’m intrigued, though, about the new Essie Gel top coat. All the reviews claim it not only dries fast, but that it also makes any nail polish last up to two weeks. I guess I’ll try it out soon enough. For now, I must admit that Formula X has won me over.


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