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Home decor is one of my passions. I’m always buying magazines for inspiration, visiting design stores –both online and offline– and obviously reading all the wonderful blogs on the subject. Having said this, I can confidently claim that a great rug dramatically changes a room. It enhances the style of the space and breathes life into it. I must say I have my personal preferences regarding design, style, and woven techniques. Among my favorite modern designer rugs, I would like to share a very special one: the NYC Map Rug, designed by Cristina Bocaranda, available exclusively at the New York-based firm Crosby Street Studios.

 Cristina is a Venezuelan-born, extremely talented young designer. She has used her travel experiences around the world and her day-to-day life in New York City as a source of inspiration for her creative process. The My NYC Map Rug was created for one of her assignments at the Fashion Institute of Technology; it was a project on “maps”, so she decided to design a rug with the NYC map and fill it with her own information. The result was so amazing, it won first prize in a competition among students.

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“I wanted to show My Own NYC. The city has been my home for the last six years. In this particular stage of my life, one of the things that always captures my attention is that NYC is different for every single person who lives in it. What is attractive to me might not be for the person who sits by my side on the subway. Each New Yorker has his or her own city, with their private life and favorite places to eat, shop, dine and drink. That’s the concept behind the design of My NYC Rug.”


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Cristina told me that when she began her studies at FIT, she didn’t know which subjects would be included in her curriculum. She eventually discovered she’d be taking a rug design class, and from the very first day, she felt a special attraction to it. As the semester went by, she started realizing the impact that rug design would have in her career. That’s why the “Maps Project” inspired her to design a rug with her personal and unique version of NYC. On that very first rug, Cristina displayed her favorite cafes, restaurants, shops and bars where she usually went to eat, shop, dine or have her favorite cocktails at 28. For the streets, she used wool; for the buildings, elevated silk for with a special selection of colors. A wonderfully ingenious piece of art, Cristina managed to immortalize a piece of her life on a rug –what a feat! She gave her NYC Map Rug to her parents as a gesture of gratitude for encouraging her to live in New York.

Cristina Jeff Koons H&M handbag

Cristina in Brooklyn with a Jeff Koons bag for H&M

Crosby Street Studios, one of the hottest New York-based rug design firm, sells the NYC Map Rug exclusively. What’s better, you can design your own version of the Map Rug, featuring your favorite spots in the colors of your preference. Now you can literally have New York City at your feet!

As a design connoisseur and lover, Cristina says she’s currently obsessed with the NY Architecture & Interior Design firm Ashe+Leandro. Knowing that I’m her friend and that I share her obsession for the Ashe+Leandro designs, she confesses that she would love to design or be a part of one of their projects in the future.

Cristina is currently designing another rug line exclusively for Crosby Street Studios and she promised to share it with us!

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My NYC Map Rug Photos- Crosby Street Studios