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Now you can use airbrush makeup like a celebrity, wherever you go and whenever you want!

Last week, my dear friend and fellow blogger Enri Lemoine, who knows that I’m a beauty junkie, invited me to join her for a Temptu Air product demonstration at Nordstrom. I must admit I was awestruck when I saw that Samantha Mandor, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Owner of Temptu, was in charge of the demonstration. Bottom line: it’s more satisfying to learn everything about a new product directly from its original creator!

This new Temptu Air device is small enough to carry in your purse, so you can use it whenever and wherever you want!


Samantha Mandor, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Owner TEMPTU

Samantha began by explaining how the small pocket-size device worked and by pointing out all its benefits. She then applied the primer to Enri’s clean face in order to prepare her skin properly and, right after, she applied the foundation with the Temptu Air device. I immediately noticed how her complexion became flawless. Once Enri was satisfied with her coverage, Samantha continued the makeup process using the same device and only changing the Airpods. She used highlighter, bronzer and blush to enhance Enri’s features, achieving a wonderful and natural look


Then it was my turn. As Samantha used the Temptu Air on my skin, I found true delight in the micro-fine mist. It was amazing: no brushes or sponges needed, just the cordless device! The color of the foundation was a perfect match for me, as were the highlighter, bronzer and blush that Samantha chose for me. Her mastery definitely transformed my face, giving it a refreshed appearance.




The best part about Temptu Air is that you can get rid of pressed powder forever, which is great news for those of us in our 50’s, since it always emphasizes our wrinkles. Don’t you agree?

Ask Christine Brinkley who at 62 never wears powder!


This is not a sponsored post. I truly loved the product!