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I’m completely obsessed with white shirts, but then again, you already know that! To further point out the obvious: my blog’s name is Mi Camisa Blanca, which translates to “My White Shirt”.

After many years of closely observing fashion, I can say that a great white shirt is timeless. Two facts: it’s long-lasting and it always make you look great. Of course, there are many different styles when it comes to white shirts, but the classic one is the most durable and versatile. So basically, buying a classic white shirt is an investment of sorts. And like every investment, there are some important details to consider before taking the plunge.


An Equipment White Shirt, one of my favorite brands this one will be great for Spring


This one from McQ Alexander McQueen is one of those white shirts you can pair with anything .

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Here are my 5 tips for buying a perfect white shirt:

1.- Only buy white shirts that are made of 100% natural fibers, such as cotton, linen or silk. They will always stay white if you take care of them properly. Stay away from rayon blouses; even though they feel soft and nice, they’ll turn yellowish after a few washes.

2.- When you see a white shirt or a blouse that you really like, especially those new deconstructed versions, make sure the cut is flawless. Try it on, and if it doesn’t fit perfectly or you don’t feel comfortable wearing it, don’t waste your money. If you buy it, it will most likely end up in your “Goodwill donations” bag or in your best friend’s closet.

3.- When purchasing a white shirt, think of it as an investment. A well-cut blouse or shirt isn’t necessarily expensive, and if it’s made of cotton, linen or silk, it will definitely last for a few years. Among my favorite cotton poplin shirts is one from Everlane. The brand has affordable shirts, beautifully designed and very well cut. Theory, J. Crew, Free People and Madewell also have very nice selections.

4.- If you want to buy a very trendy white shirt, like those de-constructed blouses with frills, drapes or lace, think about what you’re going to pair it with. Be creative, experiment and use it in unexpected ways; no doubt you’ll look like a million bucks!

5.- Last but not least, make sure the shirt fits perfectly, especially around the bust and the shoulders. If the shirt doesn’t fit you well, try a bigger size, and if it still doesn’t look great, try another one. A blouse or shirt that is too tight at the bust will always look bad. Mostly it will lose all its elegance and you’ll end up looking terrible.

Here is my selection of beautiful white shirts, very affordable and that meet every single tip listed above.

Which one is your favorite?



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 J Crew White Button Down Shirt

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Free People

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This Madewell shirt is quite versatile and modern