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I’m a 57-year-old woman and proud of it. I deny neither my age nor my wrinkles. As a matter of fact, I actually appreciate –to a certain degree– wrinkles; they’re a reflection of our journey through life and our acquired wisdom, and, the truth is, no matter how hard we try to erase them, all we can do is “better” them with technology and science. To this extent, I strongly believe in everything that can improve my face and skin: Botox, Hyaluronic Acid, Thermage, etc. What I don’t understand is why there are so many people against these procedures, Botox haters for example. If you can improve yourself in any way, be it physically or spiritually, why not do it?

Mi amiga Enriqueta y yo en la presentación de Sculptra Aesthetics en el Young Arts Miami

Mi dear friend Enriqueta Lemoine and me at Sculptra Aesthetic’s Presentation at Young Arts Miami

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Last week I attended an interesting event at the beautiful Young Arts Miami venue, hosted by Galderma, where I witnessed a demonstration of Sculptra. Sculptra is an injectable liquid that stimulates the skin’s own natural collagen production to increase overall facial volume. Two renowned South Florida dermatologists, Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera and Dr. Flor Mayoral, took part in the event and explained to all the bloggers in attendance the benefits of this –almost– miraculous product. They then proceeded to divide us into two groups and I stayed with Dr. Mayoral.

Sculptra Aesthetic Presentation

Dr. Flor Mayoral responding all my questions about how Sculptra can enhance my complexion- Photo Enriqueta Lemoine

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Dr. Flor Mayoral talked about how Sculptra Aesthetic works, showed us before and after photos of women who received the treatment and answered all of our questions. When I go see a dermatologist, one of the things that I take into account is their appearance. It can be very telling of whether you’re in the right hands or not. Furthermore, credentials are of utmost importance because expertise and responsibility are key elements when you have any kind of cosmetic procedure.

Elisa1_Printmedia 0018

Elissa before the Sculptra Aesthetic Treatment- Photo Courtesy of Galderma


Elissa after several months after the Sculptra treatment- Photo Courtesy of Galderma

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Doctor Mayoral’s daughters, both dermatologists as well, accompanied her throughout the entire event and I have to say they all have incredible complexions, including Dr. Mayoral herself, who is over 60 and whose skin looks fresh and flawless. I was able to ask her about my main concerns: under-eye bags and a sagging jawline. She told me that Sculptra would really improve these issues, since it gradually restores your own collagen production.

Sculptra Aesthetic Presentation Miami Young Arts

Photo by Enriqueta Lemoine

In conclusion, what is important to know about Sculptra is that it works gradually, so you might not see changes immediately, but the effects last for over two years! After I’ve tried it I know I’ll be eager to see the progress. It reminds me of when I tried out Thermage a few years ago and of how it also worked progressively. I loved it when, after 3 or 4 months, my friends looked at me and asked what I had done to my face. Most of them thought I had had surgery, but I hadn’t. I still prefer less invasive procedures that can make you look as rejuvenated and refreshed. However, I have to admit my genes are quite good!

So, I decided that I’m gonna have the three sessions of Sculptra at Doctor Mayoral’s office and I’ll tell you everything about it! Promised!