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Thanks to Galderma USA for the Sculptra Aesthetic complimentary treatment with Dr. Flor Mayoral

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about Sculptra, a dermal filler that really caught my attention: it stimulates collagen production for a replenished complexion. As I’ve mentioned before, I firmly believe that it’s impossible to stop the aging process, but I also think that the latest scientific techniques and procedures can help us refresh our appearance and turn us into the best version of ourselves. Of course, these procedures can be pricey, but they’re worth the investment. I strongly recommend that you to choose the best dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Keep in mind that success is determined by excellence and going for the cheap can end up costing you more.

After meeting Dr. Flor Mayoral at the Sculptra presentation hosted by Galderma, I decided I wanted to get the treatment. I asked many questions about the benefits and I addressed my areas of concern in order to see if I was a good candidate for it. Then I took into account two other factors: the doctor and the treatment itself. Dr. Mayoral doesn’t look her age at all; she’s in her 60’s, which says a lot about her skills as a dermatologist. And I did my research on Sculptra; not only did I look into the brand’s website, but I also looked up information in specialized publications such as New Beauty and Charlotte’s Bookharlotte’s Book.

Dr. Flor Mayoral,

Dr. Flor Mayoral is one of the best South Florida Dermatologists and expert in Sculptra Aesthetic

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It is quite important to see the before and after…

A few weeks ago I went to Doctor Mayoral in her Coral Gables office for my first Sculptra Aesthetic treatment.

Her team was super friendly and professional, they didn’t keep me waiting more than five minutes. They asked if I didn’t mind that their photographer took some photos of me and of course I didn’t. Especially because I wanted to compare how I looked before and after a week of the treatment.

Miren mi cara súper cansada justo antes del tratamiento

See how tired I looked right before the treatment

Dr. Mayoral, being the great dermatologist that she is, carefully studied my face features to identify where she would apply each injection. After selecting the right points, the nurse applied an anesthetic cream and let me relax while it started to work. Dr. Mayoral advised that a second treatment should be applied after six weeks.

Aquí en el consultorio con la crema anestésica

Here with the anesthetic cream

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As each Sculptra Aesthetic is injected, you start seeing results

As she worked, Dr. Mayoral explained why she was injecting the treatment in specific areas. She also showed me how the filler was working as she injected each point and it was truly impressive. She massaged the area after each application explaining that it was necessary to avoid unwanted concentration of the product that might result in an undesired bump. She was very careful and worked with great precision all the time. When she felt satisfied with the results, she gave me instructions on what to do for optimum results.

The nurse showed me how to massage every area and told me I should do it every day, five times a day for the next five days. She also gave me written instructions for me to follow.

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My experience with Sculptra Aesthetic has been excellent!

I bet all of you are dying to see the results. Well, I wasn’t expecting to see any yet, since I was told that they’d be visible after around four months. However, two weeks later my face looked refreshed, replenished and some people noticed. I’m posting these photos taken at Dr. Mayoral’s office right before the treatment and then another one of what my skin looked like after only one week. The best part about the Sculptra treatment is that it lasts for up to two years, so it’s totally worth the investment. I have to call and book my second appointment.

Dos semanas después del primer tratamiento de Sculptra Aesthetic

Two weeks after my first Sculptra Aesthetic treatment

I honestly encourage you to try Sculptra. If you’re living in Miami, get an appointment with Dr. Mayoral and I promise you’ll be as happy as I am!

Hoy, varias semanas después y después de hacer ejercicio

Today just after exercising