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You’re going to love this watermelon and tomato salad recipe

Is so hot here in Miami! We’re in the 90’s during the day with high humidity levels, so it is almost unthinkable to eat hot dishes. A few days ago I posted my Gazpacho recipe, and it certainly helps to cope with the heat outside. I’m also on a healthy diet right now, bread, gluten, flour, are all out of bounds. I’ve increased the amount of fruit and vegetable, so I’m starting to get rid of the few pounds I gained over the last six months.

So, this watermelon and tomatoes salad is perfect to eat something refreshing, low in calories and delicious.

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That is one of the main reasons I’m trying new recipes almost every week, and I want to share them with you. Even though there are lots of great recipes for watermelon and tomato salad, I decided to create my own. I like when I try something different from the traditional methods, and it turns out tasting great. That is why I’m sharing it with you. The recipe is quite easy to make, and you won’t regret to share with your family or friends.

I promised they’ll be delighted!

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Five large red tomatoes
¼ of a watermelon cut into small cubes
French goat cheese crumbled
Three mint leaves thinly cut
Five chives thinly sliced
Parsley leaves thinly cut
Cilantro leaves thinly sliced
Balsamic Glaze


Cut the watermelon into 1-inch cubes, then slice the tomatoes into thin rounds, place both ingredients into a salad bowl and sprinkle all the herbs. Add the goat cheese crumbles and the balsamic glaze.

Decorate the top of the salad with three mint leaves and, voilá!

You have a delicious, refreshing and low-calorie salad to enjoy!

Let me know when you try the recipe, I always appreciate to hear from you!

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