The Homemade Chef: extraordinary and healthy recipes 

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to meet and interview Chef James Tahhan. A Venezuelan-born Chef trained at Le Cordon Bleu, owner of Coral Gables Restaurant Sabores and co-host of Telemundo Emmy Award Winner Show Un Nuevo Dia. The occasion? The presentation of his first cookbook. Let me tell you that I’ve spent three days going through its pages to figure out which of the récipes I’ll prepare this weekend. At his TV Show set, I was able to taste his famous Guacamole with grilled pineapple, which was delicious, as well as his manchego cheese and Serrano ham croquettes.


Guacamole with Grilled Pineapple


Chef James Cookbook has a wide selection of extraordinary recipes easy to prepare

You start to get excited just from the beginning of the book’s introduction. Obviously, I’m passionate about great cooking. but I’m also pretty sure that those of you who are not especially attracted to cook, will love Chef James unique approach to food and jump into it. He has quite an easy way to guide you  into making your kitchen the most delightful place in your home. His words invite you to spread your creativity and start feeling the pleasure to delight your guests with Chef quality foods, easy to prepare and healthy.

The Homemade Chef Cookbook

The Homemade Chef Cookbook


The Homemade Chef Cookbook is the perfect guide to cooking Pan-Latin Food

From essential ingredients, you should always keep in your kitchen, to cooking tips for preparing meats, fish or poultry, the book is a perfect guide for everyday cooking, as well as for special occasions.

All the book’s recipes have Chef James’ Pan-Latin unique style all over them. You won’t find in this book’s recipes either long lists of ingredients or extremely complicated cooking techniques, that for those of us who don’t have time, are simply a no-no. All the recipes are set in a beautiful way, to inspire you to impress everyone that seats at your table.

Entreés: Ceviches, Guacamole, Tiradito…

There are ceviche récipes, aguachile, tiradito, salads, and guacamoles so that you can delight everyone with fabulous entrees and appetizers, right from the start. You’ll find everyday Pan-Latin food such as a Cuban Sandwich to Brown sugar glazed seabass. There is also a great selection of pasta and rice recipes, which you’ll love to prepare since Chef James gives you all the essential tricks and tips to cook all of them flawlessly.


Chef James believes in portion control so that you can indulge with dessert!

What about Chef James desserts? Well! You’ll certainly won’t feel like avoid the temptation! Think about chocolate and banana chimichangas! Mango Tiramisu or his frozen fruit bars.

At the end of the book, you’ll find the Happy Hour chapter, dedicated to making you wish to try them so you can shine as a Mixologist in your next gathering.

The Homemade Chef book by James Tahhan has already become a best seller on Amazon both in its English and Spanish versions.

I already included it on my holiday gift list!


Almu Romero, Chef James Tahhan and me

Almu Romero, Chef James Tahhan and me