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Photography by Edson Smitters

I’m back! 2017 is the year to make it happen!

Hi, everyone!  I’m back!

I’ve spent these three first weeks of 2017 reviewing my goals and redefining my blog’s entire strategy. Even though I’ve been blogging for over a year now, I haven’t been as consistent as I should’ve been to meet my primary goal: which is to grow Mi Camisa Blanca. I put together a plan, set with my objectives, strategies actions, and timetables, as I would’ve done for any of my PR & Marketing clients. Last year was all about learning, even though the business of blogging is as demanding as any other business. You must keep up with a lot of stuff on a daily basis.

And, I’ve decided that 2017 is the year to make it happen!

So, first of all, I have a photographer! Yay!
He’s incredibly talented with a bright future in visual arts; he’s one of YoungArts 2017 Competition finalists in Photography. His name is Diego Gabaldón, and our first photo shoot will be today. I’m very excited to start working with him because he has a great sense of style and aesthetic. I’m sure that we’re gonna have fun working together! I’ve always enjoyed working with young people because they always bring fresh ideas and points of view that certainly enrich the final work. On the other hand, young people always make you stay up-to-date with the latest things.

I’m sure that Diego will be a great asset to Mi Camisa Blanca. I hope that our photos will inspire you all.

You and I are in our 50’s!

We’re middle-aged women of the 21st Century, who never stop to pursue our dreams and make them happen!

We can do anything we want; we have the experience, the knowledge, and the strength to start new ventures, wear whatever we want and look gorgeous, make new friends and most of all, enjoy life.

The sky’s the limit guys!

As you know, fashion is one of my passions, and I love to see how Miami is growing and becoming a stylish city. A wide range of Luxury and Indie Fashion brands are coming and growing in Miami. And I intend to share with you, my own curations.

Last week, I went to Silvia Tcherassi new Atelier opening in Coral Gables, her new collection is gorgeous! If you’re coming to Miami, you must visit her Atelier!

I also spent quite an inspiring afternoon with artist and jewelry designer, Mary Jane Claverol at her studio in Hialeah. Mary Jane’s creativity and passion for details, makes her work stand out. In my next post, I’ll share that story with you.

But there’s more; There are lots of things I want to share with all of you in the upcoming weeks!

Expect to read my latest finds in beauty, art, design and, last, but not least, cooking!

See you soon!