An afternoon at Maryjane Claverol Studio

Hi, Everyone!

A few months ago Maryjane Claverol Instagram account captured my attention. I’ve been fascinated with every single picture of her jewelry and art objects since I started to follow her. Her Studio, located in Miami’s Leah Arts District, which is not far from my home. Thus, one day I decided to meet her and made an appointment via Instagram DM. I spent quite a pleasant and inspiring afternoon while she showed me each object and piece of jewelry. I must confess that I’m particularly crazy about great accessories since they might elevate any outfit. Maryjane’s jewelry is certainly the kind that makes a statement.

Maryjane was born in Barcelona where she studied Fashion Design. She worked for several European Fashion brands, specializing in accessories. She moved to India, where she learned from local artisans different textile, embroidery, metal and jewelry techniques. A couple of years ago, Maryjane moved to Miami with her husband and her three-year-old daughter, Olympia.

With one single piece designed by Maryjane Claverol, you certainly stand out from the crowd

Each piece of jewelry is exquisitely crafted. You can see in each necklace or bracelet, the influence of her years in India. Even though from my point of view, her designs also evoke different ancient and avant-garde styles from European art and fashion.  Her ultra-modern velvet bracelets embellished with brooches made with Swarovski crystals, stones and pearls; remind us of those from other times of the 20th Century and Old Hollywood Glamour. Also, those with Hindu embroideries in black velvet can be that special detail you add to your outfit that attracts everyone’s attention.

I couldn’t resist buying the Olympia necklace, which she named after her daughter. The necklace is quite a statement piece, which combines, golden beads, crystal beads, black and white striped acrylic stars, and pearls all mounted in a white chain. If you watch it carefully, you can see some pearls cut in facets, with Smileys, stars,  and her name MaryJane Claverol.

Here you can see the Olympia necklace I’m wearing and one of Maryjane’s planter

You feel like an Old Hollywood Diva wearing one of Maryjane’s turbans

Turbans are among Maryjane’s latest creations. I already included one in my “To Buy” list. I’m thrilled that they are back in style. Turbans are the kind of accessory that immediately add a touch of glamour, and elegance.

I can picture my grandma, my mom, and my aunt, wearing these type of turbans and looking so glamorous. It reminded me as well the 60’s magazines that featured stories and photos of Princess Grace of Mónaco, Elizabeth Taylor, and Begum Salima.

Each turban is perfectly crafted in its form, with all the necessary pleats, that make them super easy to wear. Maryjane’s unique brooches with Swarovski crystals and stones, instantly complete a sophisticated look.

Crabs, butterflies, spiders, tarantulas and other animals, get a second life full of color and luxury in Maryjane’s hands

Her art pieces are also unique and delicate since she works with real butterflies, scorpions, tarantulas, and crabs. With exquisite mastery, she transforms each of them into a jewel to be placed on a table or hanged on your house walls.

Think Pink Every Month of the Year

Maryjane also has a special section on her online shop, named “Think Pink Every Month of the Year,” with the purpose to remind us about the importance of breast cancer screening beyond October.  25% of proceedings are donated to different Breast Cancer NGO’s.

If you like to explore more or buy any of Maryjane’s jewelry you can go to her online store: Maryjane Claverol. If you live in Miami or plan to come soon, I strongly suggest you make an appointment and meet her. You’ll enjoy it!