Valentine’s Gift Ideas for your BFF’s 


Can you believe there are just four days to shop your Valentine’s gifts?
Have you already buy them all?

I bet you already bought for the man in your life! Yes, he always comes first!
What about your BFF’s?  Nothing yet? Maybe I can help you with this guide because there is always someone you find difficult to please. Usually, those friends who are very fashionable and stay on top of the latest fashions, seem the hardest. I hope these two guides will inspire you with both or any of these types of women.
First of all, I started thinking about my friends and what they would love to receive on Valentine’s Day. So I put together two guides that might inspire you to buy gifts for those who seem more difficult to please: The accessories- obsessed and the beauty-junkie.

Valentine’s Gift Guide for the Accessory-Obsessed

1.- With these earrings by Ranjana Kahn, she won’t need anything else!
2.- The Aibel gold-plated earrings exclusively designed for Artteca by Venezuelan artist Luz-Maria Charlita. Not only she will be wearing a beautiful pair of earrings, but a limited edition piece of art, hand-made and signed by the artist.

3- Also from the Artteca jewelry line, this bracelet will be an amazing addition to any look.

4.- Since she’s so much into accessories, she might want to add one of these Artak bags red felt clutches. Handmade by Ana Teresa Knoll with the highest quality materials and attention to detail.

5.- This beautiful scarf will be a perfect addition to the accessory lover, whose scarf collection has a place for another addition. Purple Rain scarf by Miami-based 12-year-old fashion designer Ariel Swedroe. 100% silk.


She knows everything about beauty products…she’s a beauty-junkie

Secondly, there’s the beauty junkie, like me. The one who you turn to for advice when you’re planning to buy new products, especially those that treat a specific condition. She knows because she does her research and she’s not going to profit for giving you the best advice. When you reach your 50’s, moisturizers, primers, foundation, etc., are not just an option but a necessity. As Coco Chanel once said: “Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.”

1.- Even if we go to the Gym regularly, our skin needs more than that to tighten and look flawless, don’t you agree? Brazilian Bum Bum Cream by Sol de Janeiro is the perfect gift for your body-conscious BFF; it has Guaraná, an Amazonian plant with five times more caffeine than coffee. I just try it for the first time today, and my skin looks great!

2.- Just a few drops of this blue oil just before going to bed and you’ll wake up with a different complexion. I’ve been using it for over a year, and it is always on my vanity.

3.- I have both dark circles and eye bags, they’re both genetic so that I can do very little to get rid of them unless I go to a Plastic Surgeon for that. And what bothers me mostly, is to look exhausted all the time. I can’t tell you how many things I’ve tried to soothe them. This eye cream by Caudalie is excellent, is not as heavy as others and, you can retouch the under eye zone whenever you need to.

4.- This beauty elixir is like a fountain of youth in a bottle. I use it daily to prepare my skin and also as a makeup setting spray.

5.-The perfect touch to rejuvenate your complexion, since it certainly adds that kind of healthy glow you need. You can use it, either with or without makeup. Every time I use it, my friends tell me I look radiant.

6.- This crayon is the BEST primer for the lips! It acts as a magnet for your lipstick, especially when wearing red lipstick.

7.- Better Than Sex Mascara! Amazing mascara! As its name states, this is the best mascara ever!

8.- Your beauty junkie friend needs her makeup to stay fresh all day and night. To keep the eyeshadow perfect all day and night, she’ll need this anti-aging primer.


I hope this two Gift Ideas will be an inspiration to make your BFF’s happy this V-Day.

Love to hear your comments!