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Shapoh Hats at Brickell City Centre

Shapoh Hats – Brickell City Centre- Fashion on the Rocks-


Once you try on one of these Suzy Buckley Woodward, Shapoh Hats you know you might need one



You might be thinking this is the kind of post that doesn’t interest you at all since you’re not a hat person. I didn’t think of myself as a hat lover either, except for my beach hat or the Panama I use to wear in the summertime when the sun is unbearable.


Well, let me tell you that after attending the first series event “Fashion on the Rocks,” hosted by Brickell City Centre; I found out that a Shapoh Hat might be the perfect accessory to wear to a special occasion. Suzy Buckley Woodward, the founder of this high-end online boutique, was on-site to present her line.

Another Spectacular Shapoh Hat

Don’t you think we look like Royalty?

Tara Solomon & Suzy Buckley Woodward

“Fashion on the Rocks”

Nothing worst than wearing a hat that doesn’t match the event you’re attending. But even worse is that the hat doesn’t pair at all with one’s attire. Like any other accessory, it has to complete one’s look, make it stunning, not ruin it.

The panelists of this “Fashion on the Rocks” kick-off, talked about these style faux passes.  Tara Solomon, Fashion PR extraordinaire, was the moderator of the discussion. Danny Santiago, one of Miami’s Top stylists; Tracy Wilson Mourning, founder of Honey Shine Inc.; and Criselda Greene, along with Suzy Buckley Woodward; handled quite an enlighting conversation exchanging ideas.

“Fashion on The Rocks,” is an original series events programmed by Brickell City Centre. During each of these, a different brand or designer will take part in a conversation about current trends with influential hosts from the fashion community.

This first one was quite entertaining and inspiring. All the guests, fashion blogger, stylists and, journalists had the opportunity to try on one Shapoh hat. We all had quite a lovely evening, hanging with friends and enjoying the Centre hospitality.