Chuky wearing a Kenzo logo Tee

Wearing a Kenzo Logo Tee to go out for Dinner in Miami- Photo Edson Smitter

Hola everyone!

You might have noticed how logo tees are having a BIG moment. The one from Gucci is everywhere, I’ve seen a lot of fashion editors and bloggers wearing it. Many other fashion designers and big brands have different logo tees to choose from and wear them in a stylish way. I bought this logo tee from Kenzo in December, because I’m a huge Kenzo fan since I was a teen. There’s no doubt about its quality, I’ve already worn it several times, and it looks like brand new. I also loved the color combination of gray and pink that is not only super trendy but very Miami style.

But the point here is that logo tees aren’t a staple to wear with jogger pants or jeans only, they’ve become a statement piece. You can wear a logo tee to a cocktail party and look incredibly chic if you pair it with a more dressed-up garment and choose the right accessories.

The other night we were going out for dinner to a fancy restaurant in Miami and when I talk to my photographer, he said we can make the photo shoot earlier. Then I made myself the typical eternal question of,  What am I going to wear? Then, I saw my Kenzo Tee and decided to wear it with my pleated metallic Zara skirt and my Loeffler Randall Nicolette black sandals.

Kenzo Logo tee

I paired my Kenzo logo tee with a pleated metallic skirt from Zara, and old Michael Kors tweed jacket and Loeffler Randall sandals- Photo Edson Smitter


Chuky Brickell Key

Photo Edson Smitter

I decided to complete my look with this old Michael Kors tweed jacket since the AC in Miami is freezing everywhere you go

Even though we’re in March, the weather in Miami that night was pleasantly warm, but the AC in every single place is freezing. So I decided to grab this old Michael Kors tweed jacket I bought around five years ago to wear it over my shoulders. I must tell you it was a great decision since the seated us right below the AC.

On the other hand, the tweed jacket added a chic touch to the entire look and wore it over my shoulders help me stay comfortable all night.


Chuky Pink Vespa

I couldn’t help myself! Had to take a ride on this Pink Vespa- Photo Edson Smitter

How could I resist to ride such a beautiful pink Vespa?

Just when we thought we were finished with the photo shoot, I saw Edson’s Pink Vespa and couldn’t resist to ask him if I could ride it. Since he’s such a great guy, he said yes, and I changed my shoes and ride to the flower shop which was still open. Even though I’m 58, I felt like 28 and enjoyed my short trip to the fullest!

Chuky in a Pink Vespa

Riding Edson’s Pink Vespa

I must confess I had lots of fun riding the pink Vespa! All the neighbors stopped just to look at me. I guess they’re are not used to see a 58-year-old woman riding a pink Vespa just to buy flowers at night. But this is the kind of things that are great to do every once in a while. Don’t you think so?

Chuky in a Pink Vespa

Photo Edson Smitter