White Tunic + Colorful Turban

Hi, everyone!

Among of the trends I love most for Spring and Summer, are the long tunics and the turban.

Long tunics, as well as shirtdresses worn over pants, are currently super trendy. I love the long tunic trend because when you’re wearing them, you always look glamorous, and original. And, if you add a turban, you will certainly look not only chic but with a mysterious Oriental halo. Don’t you agree?

Túnica y turbante

Photo Diego Behrens

I bought this White long tunic at Style Mafia, a Miami-based boutique I love because they have all the trendy clothes at more than reasonable prices and, good quality. I believe this tunic is no longer available though, but they have many other things you might like. If you are in Miami or coming to this Spring Break, you should pay them a visit. If you are not coming to Miami, you can find some of their designs on their website or at Shopbop.

I used my John Zoller for Artteca. I love their scarves for many reasons, they’re certified limited art pieces, made with a gorgeous silk and big enough to wear them in many different styles.

Turbans are quite trendy right now, and they’re the type of accessory that can save you from a “Bad hair day.” As it happened to me last Friday, my hair got extremely frizzy due to Miami’s intense humidity, and nothing seemed to work out to get rid of the frizz. I had an event to attend to, and the turban was the perfect solution. I already had planned to wear all white, so wearing this scarf as a turban was the right color addition. Also, my new yellow shoes paired beautifully with it.

Túnica + Turbante

Photo Diego Behrens

Wearing all-white enable you to add the right touch of color with accessories

I’m totally obsessed with this cocktail ring! I wear it daily since it instantly elevates any look. It is also from Artteca, and I want to make clear that this is not a sponsored post. I just happen to love the Brand. I love its wearable art concept, and I really like to support young entrepreneur women. The Belenus ring is part of a limited collection designed by Venezuelan artist Luz-Maria Charlita, and it is gold plated with 18K gold.
My clutch is also from Artteca, but unfortunately, this piece was a very limited edition and  was sold out

Anillo + Clutch

Ring & Clutch from Artteca- Photo Diego Behrens

At the event, three ladies approached me to compliment me for my outfit. They said it was fabulous and they were not very easy in complimenting other people’s looks. I thank them for it, but I was already pretty satisfied with my styling. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have left home.

Photo Diego Behrens

What do you think? Do you like this trend? Would you wear a turban?

Let me know!