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I would like to share my latest skincare review: Clarins Hydra-Essentiel.  The brand sent me three products from this line, and I loved all three of them. The truth is that Clarins is one of my favorite skincare brands since I was 24 years old and lived in Madrid. The first Clarins product that I used back then was the Eye Contour Gel, because I always had dark circles and tendency to develop under eye bags. It is in my DNA! But this gel always acted like magic, and I kept using it for many years, until I needed something stronger.

Clarins sent me three products from its Hydra-Essentiel line,  the Bi-sérum intensif, the Gel sorbet désaltérant and la Crème riche désaltérante

1.- Bi-sérum intensif is sensational, light, ultra refreshing and, you instantly feel your skin pumped and more luminous. Due to its bi-phase formula, you have to shake it well before applying. The formula contains organic leaf of life from Madagascar, a vegetable molecule that acts like a sponge to retain water, its action is identical to hyaluronic acid. The second ingredient is the Orthosiphon extract which helps refine skin’s texture for a smoother complexion. And the formula also has beautyberry extract that contributes to restoring skin’s radiance.

2.- The second product is an amazing moisturizer: Gel sorbet désalterant. Once you apply this beautiful blue gel to your skin, you instantly feel how your complexion is completely hydrated. I just love that it is not a heavy cream that takes forever to be absorbed, but you immediately see your skin plumped, radiant and ready for everything else. You feel your face totally replenished and moisturized all day long. I particularly liked this gel because I have mixed skin, but while using it, my face stays hydrated and mat. No need to retouch or apply powder during the day.

3.-The Crème riche désaltérante, formula restores hydration to extremely dry skin. Thus, I tried it during days I spent working at home where AC is always on. The texture is as refreshing as the other two products, super light and hydrating. I loved how it instantly smoothed skin lines. I decided to try it on my hands to see the difference between the area where I applied the cream and the one where I didn’t. I was impressed of the difference.

Even though Clarins sent me these products as a gift, this is my honest opinion. I loved the line and how they contributed to nourish my skin.

Clarins also sent me two lipsticks, one amazing contour kit, and two gray eyeshadows, that I haven’t tried yet. The lipsticks are very hydrating, one of them is red, and the other is nude.
I hope you liked this review!
Have a great weekend!

I hope you liked this review!
Have a great weekend!