Fabiana Pigna 

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I can’t be more proud to begin this week featuring one of my favorite Venezuelan Fashion Designers: Fabiana Pigna and her latest capsule collection of sculptural clothing pieces. I say I’m proud for two reasons, first of all, she’s Venezuelan, and second, she’s the daughter of my dear cousin Angela, who’s also very creative and talented.

I fell in love with her clothing line last year and bought her Piaspia White Blouse, and I can tell you it is one of my favorites, due to its perfect cut, design, and versatility. I’ve worn it with jeans, culottes, and silk maxi skirts and it always stands out.  Now, after seeing her latest collection, I’m wondering which one I’m gonna buy next because I love them all! Her clean, minimalistic lines make each piece quite current but also classic. She uses the highest quality Japanese cotton poplin which I adore since it becomes better over time.


Fabiana Pigna Roberta Blouse- Comes in White, Black, Ochre, Navy, Olive and Stripe- Photo Pailey Fairman

Fabiana is in her early thirties, she worked with different designers and clothing brands in Latin America and the US, before launching her own brand back in 2014. Her capsule collections are becoming more successful each day and are sold through various renowned retailers such as Intermix and Kickpleat.

On the other hand, Fabiana believes in the power of helping and supporting other designers, which shows her maturity and generosity. In today’s world of ferocious competition in every field, is refreshing to see one young talented woman ready to empower other entrepreneurs. At the end, those who support and empower others will always succeed, don’t you agree?


“I am attracted to women who have a unique voice, are ahead of their times and are not afraid to challenge the norms.”


“The White Blouse is such a timeless staple and an automatic pick-me-up”

   I’m intrigued that every piece of your collection has a woman’s name. Do you envision someone, in particular, wearing that specific dress, blouse or pants?


Yes! I think names come with different personalities and it is the easiest way for me to remember and identify each style. I don’t envision anyone, in particular, wearing the piece but I look at the style when it’s done and think things like “This blouse has a really romantic curve, I think her name should be Cecilia…”
–   The white blouse seems to be a constant in all your collections. Why?
I think the white blouse is such a timeless staple and an automatic pick me up. You can wear it very casually and be the most elegant person in the room. There is something regal and dignified about it.

Fabiana Pigna Roberta White Blouse- Photo Pailey Fairman


–    If you find one customer, who can only buy one piece from your latest capsule collection, which one would you recommend her to buy?
It would be a tie between the Roberta blouse and the Alice pants. The Roberta blouse is a somewhat restrained silhouette but its volume adds an element of irreverence and one of its perks is that it can be worn with anything in your closet. The Alice pants are a statement piece that I find very cool, flattering and unexpected, everyone that has acquired them has reached out to tell me how much they love the pants and how good it makes them feel.
–    Do you have a fashion muse or muses?
I have many muses! I don’t work with a specific person in mind but I am very inspired by women like Isabella Rossellini, Tilda Swinton, Tina Chow, Nina Simone…I have a long list. I am attracted to women who have a unique voice, are ahead of their times and are not afraid to challenge the norms.

Fabiana Pigna Roberta Blouse in Ochre- Photo Pailey Fairman

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Surround yourself with hard working women who share similar goals and values as you and learn from one another. “

–    Can you picture a specific woman you would love to see wearing your line?
If I ever see Tilda Swinton wearing one of my blouses, I can happily retire in peace!
–  Which fashion label or designer has had a significant influence on you?
I love a vast array of designers, for different reasons. Off the top of my head I feel very inspired and in awe of Rei Kawakubo, Rick Owens, Consuelo Castiglioni, and Phoebe Philo among many others. I am very inspired by their voices and the amazing product they put out there in the hemisphere. 
–  What piece of advice would you give to other female entrepreneurs you would’ve like someone to give to you in your beginnings?
Don’t be afraid to ask for help, also do not see other women in the field as competition, view them as allies and help each other. Surround yourself with hard working women who share similar goals and values as you and learn from one another. 


For more information about retailers visit: fabianapigna.com

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