Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Post, but I have enjoyed writing it since Carmen Borja Bed Linens, Table Garments and Bath Towels, reflect my taste and style.

Hi, everyone,

Today, I have the pleasure to introduce you to Spanish luxury brand Carmen Borja and its line of Bed Linens, Table Garments, and, Bath Towels. This line is like Couture for your home. I believe that Style is not limited to your clothes and the way you wear them, but to the way you dress your bed, your table, and your bath. My bedroom is like a Temple to me, a place where after a busy day of attending events, researching for my content, updating my Editorial schedule, or doing a photo shoot; I can relax, read and enjoy my me time. Thus, having a bed dressed in unique, best-quality piqué, exquisitely hand-embroidered with real Couture techniques, is something priceless.

This 40-year-old Spanish Brand started as a family business where high qualified seamstresses brought to life the magnificent designs created by Carmen Borja in Toledo. Today, Carmen Borja HQ’s are in Gijón, Asturias, with a Boutique in Madrid High-end neighborhood Barrio de Salamanca. The brand began its international expansion a few years ago, partnering with high-end retailers in Europe, Qatar, Mexico and, now in South Florida.



I love to relax and read in a beautifully dressed bed! Carmen Borja Bed Linens are certainly like couture for my bed! All photos by Edson Smitter @edsmitter

Carmen Borja works with the finest cotton produced by Satenes de Siletty for its bed linens


These hand-embroidered Carmen Borja pillowcases are really exquisite



I fell in love with Carmen Borja bed linens and table garments

When I saw the line, my mind traveled back some years when my mom, my sister and me went shopping for Bed linens, tablecloths and, bath towels. And I also remembered how my mom and my grandma kept all the bed linens and towels beautifully stored in closets. So I grew up in a house where dressing your bed in embroidered pure linen, or cotton sheets and bedcovers were something essential in our everyday life. In fact, that culture of looking for the hand-embroidered bedding, tablecloths and, bath towels, is widespread among Latinas and I guess it might come from our Spanish Heritage. Something pretty normal among Latin people is to visit friends and family if they’re sick, and also go to the hospital to visit someone who had surgery or when someone just gives birth. 
In those situations, we all carry our bed linens and towels to the hospital. We wouldn’t think of sleeping in those horrible hospital sheets or use those horrible bath towels. And of course, we like that those that visit us can see that we care for our health but also our lifestyle.


Carmen Borja luxury bed sheets are as easy to iron as your other bed sheets because they’re all sanforized!

When I came to live in Miami, I went shopping for quality bedding, towels, and placemats. Even though I bought very nice things, I didn’t find something like Carmen Borja, since they’re really unique and far from standard. Thus, when I saw and touch every single piece in the showroom they put together a couple of weeks ago, I was eager to buy them and share my finding with those friends I know would value it. One of the things I believe that sometimes prevent some people from purchasing hand-embroidered cotton sheets, bed covers and, tablecloths is that they require good ironing. But, that is another advantage of buying Carmen Borja line, all their bed sheets are easy to iron since they’re sanforized. The brand knows that we live in a crazy modern era in which nobody has enough time or has the resources our mothers had to do the ironing.

I’m thrilled to partner with Carmen Borja hosting their 4- day exclusive shopping event!

When they asked me to host their 4-day by invitation only shopping event, and I was thrilled with the idea. To partner with Carmen Borja has been very rewarding, since I’m giving access to a world of luxurious bedding sets, tablecloths and, bath towels to all the women I know would love to have them. Let me tell you that a lot of my guests are as excited as I am to attend, just by looking at the catalog. At this event, my guests will have not only the opportunity to buy anything they want from this luxury line and order personalized sets, but they will have a 40% discount. Isn’t it a great deal?


I’m obsessed with these Italian Linen hand-embroidered placemats! I use them every day!

Carmen Borja benefits local non-for-profit organizations whenever they enter a new market

On the other hand, one of the things I love from Carmen Borja is that whenever they come to a new market, they carefully select local NGO’s to donate part of their proceedings to them. Which in my point of view shows a commitment to get involved with the community. This private by invitation only event will benefit eight Miami-based Non-for-profit organizations. These non-profits are Voluntarias de Colombia, American Red Cross, VCO, Amigos del Niño con Cáncer, Sahring Smail, Big Brother Big Siter, 2b non-profit and CTIV.


So good to start your day having breakfast with these pure Italian linen Carmen Borja placemats

I’m thrilled to work with Carmen Borja, and I have enjoyed every minute of the photo-shoot for this blog post, to give you an idea of the brand, as well as how I’m using and enjoying every single thing I now owned from them.

I hope you like this post and would love to hear your thoughts about this new line. If you’re in Miami and would like to attend, just drop me an email, and I’ll send you the invite.