Hi, Everyone!

Did you know that you can buy high-quality diamonds with a certificate of purity and authenticity online? I didn’t, until a couple of weeks ago at a very exclusive luncheon, I attended invited by Eravos, and organized by my dear friends of The Dream Team Agency. Eravos is an online diamond and fine jewelry shop established in 2017 by IndiLeo Corporation, in Vienna, Virginia. At Eravos, everyone can choose from over 800 designs at competitive prices.


We all had the opportunity to try the rings, earrings, bracelets and, necklaces- All Photos courtesy The Dream Team Agency

As we all can agree, diamonds are a lifetime investment, and that is why I was so impressed with the fact that through Eravos, you can purchase the most exquisite quality diamond ring, earring, bracelet or necklace, at the convenience and privacy of your home. Once you make a purchase, the company extends you a certificate of authenticity and purity as well as the guarantee that it comes from their manufacturing facilities in India and Thailand. After all the terrible stories we’ve heard about “blood diamonds” coming from African countries and the pain they’ve caused, it is really good to know that those diamonds you buy from Eravos are ethically compliant. So, if you’re buying from them, you can enjoy not only the beauty of the diamond but also have the peace of mind that nobody priorly suffered.

All guests had the opportunity to try the beautiful pieces Eravos presented at the luncheon, and let me tell you that the designs are exquisite. Eravos CEO, Ash Gupta, explained to us that the company believes that every woman should have diamonds and that is why Eravos has a wide range of them to suit everyone’s budget.

Susan and Laura did a fantastic job, not only organizing the luncheon but explaining everything about the brand, its values as well as the many advantages Eravos offers, like free shipping, free lifetime repairs and, free ring re-sizing.

All of us received a lovely bracelet with five diamonds, and I love it!

Thank you Eravos and The Dream Team Agency for the opportunity to get to know this fantastic option of purchasing best quality diamonds online, as well as to experience them!