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I’m Chuky Reyna, a Venezuelan bi-lingual blogger, who’s not a millennial but a 58-year-old with a passion for writing about how to lead a stylish life.

My blog name is Mi Camisa Blanca because I believe a white shirt is an ageless staple, always chic, and it works as a blank canvas to build a colorful life.

I firmly believe that a white shirt is must-have in every stylish woman’s closet!


What will you find in Mi Camisa Blanca?


Fashion & Style

My vision about fashion’s latest trends and which of them I’m willing to add to my wardrobe just because they make me feel and look fabulous.

I believe that we must be true to our unique style because it is what makes us different, original and stand out from the crowd.

You don’t have to be boring in the way you dress just because you’re in your 40’s or 50’s. On the contrary, we all must have fun with it! Fashion and styling are two ways to express both our femininity and creativity!

And of course, the white shirt is that must-have staple one can always rely on to look fabulous and chic!



Even though I’m not an expert, I’m a “beauty junkie.” I love to try makeup products, creams, serums, facial tonics or treatments that can enhance my complexion and make me look better.
When we’re in our 50’s there’s no way to hide our wrinkles, but we can always use what Science and technology offer us to look gorgeous in spite of them.
Some of my friends frequently reach out to me, asking for tips and recommendations on which nail color brand is best to buy, or which foundation, cream, or lipstick I think is best.

I guess they all rely on me since they know I’m not going to advise them to buy something that didn’t work for me.

I would never recommend or endorse a product or brand in which I don’t believe.


Cooking to entertain

Cooking to entertain
I have a passion for cooking and frequently make a twist to a recipe to add my personal touch.
My love for cooking and entertaining comes from my mom, who had quite a great talent and endless creativity to come up with delicious recipes.
Cooking to gather and entertain the people I care about is a great pleasure to me.


Traveling & Discovering

Traveling has always been one of my greatest passions. As a Sagittarian, I’m always craving to discover new places, cities, people, art, restaurants, but most of all those hidden gems every city or neighborhood has and usually are the well-kept secrets locals like to maintain that way.
I’m currently living in Miami and still discovering those hidden gems this city has to offer and ready to tell you all about them here.

Now, I only wish you visit Mi Camisa Blanca frequently

and find a new friend in me!